I’ve got a work to date

TAFE winter holidays finish 14th July so I’ll end up on that day. A week or so to sort everything so travel day is planned for Monday 25th or there abouts.

Colombo Sri Lanka first stop. I reckon a week or so there then on to India. Thinking 3 – 6 weeks in India. Chennai, Mumbai, overland to New Delhi, maybe up to Kashmir, down to Varanasi and then onto Kathmandu.

How did we do it back in the day?

Back when I was traveling around in the 80s it seemed so much easier than now. But really, the web is fantastic for research and to find out how things operate and what there is to see and do.

I’ve been researching my stay in India and have learned so much in a short space of time such as organising a local SIM, here and here or here. Not getting ripped off with rickshaws and taxis getting the best from the train system including the different classes of trains and generally not getting ripped off.

I’ve got to give a big wrap for India Mike’s site. It is a valuable resource for any first time traveler to India. The other site I’ve found great so far is The Man in Seat 61.

Remembering back, it is often the mishaps that are what is remembered – getting ripped off in Amsterdam, jumping on the wrong train and going the other way in Zandvoort, hitching a lift after the grand prix with a mad Belgium driver who makes Darrel Green look like my granny pushing a pram or getting turned back at gunpoint on the France/Spain border for not having the correct visas.

They’re the memories, not what statue was in what museum or how many beers a particular pub in Munich boasted having on tap.

There’s so much stuff out there to help travelers, I just hope the adventure hasn’t been too sanistised with information overload.

Getting down to it

There’s been lots of uncertainty and upheaval lately. Work, health, family, being 50 something and with life in a hiatus it’s time to get on with things.

I’m over work. OTEN has been getting more and more poisonous in recent years. Management is very poor, education seems like a dirty work, its all skills and training and compliance. Most students have trouble putting a sentence or two together and whinge because they actually have to do something to complete their course.  And with a major restructure to TAFE it means more regulation, compliance with audits, less teachers, move everything online which only suits some people. Not to mention some of the useless dickheads one has to deal with. Yes, I mean you Bumble.

The future of quality education is grim. Best to cut that stress from my life and leave.

I had the heart scare last year which curtailed a planned return to the Himalayas.  I did get a shortened trip to Vietnam which was a good taster but there’s lots of places still to be seen.

Then there’s the two millennial offspring and their partners, all paid up members of the social justice warrior crew subscribing to the “it’s every body else’s fault but mine” meme.

With faces glued to some screen or other is difficult to to have a decent conversation with them. The two grand kids are still good value. Pity they just can’t stay kids and not have to deal with the rubbish that is ahead of them.

Then of course my ex. We get on pretty well but she isn’t much interested in traveling and my parents, they just keep soldiering on.

Looking down at my expanding waist line I need to get my physical as well as my mental health in order. What better way than to hit the road and pick up on the journey I left off over 30 years ago.

Of course I will miss riding across to Spotless Stadium to see my beloved GWS Giants but I will be there in spirit and of course there’s always next year.