The time for adventure is now.

I’ve sold my land in Windeyer and and leaving the poisonous environment that TAFE OTEN has became these past few years so it’s off into the wild blue yonder.

The rough plan is to head to Srki Lanka then across to India. I’ll visit some of the major cities then head overland from Mumbai to New Delhi, might head up to  Kashmir and play that song.

Down to Varanasi and overland to Kathmandu & Nepal. Might hang out there for a bit, do some easy trekking – got to watch out for the old ticker you know – catch up with Bam for a raksi or four.

I want to go back to Indochina and see all the stuff I missed last time. Then there’s Burma, Thailand and so much more.  Might even catch up with old mate Greg Patto in the Philippines if the planets align.

Who knows I might find a hut by  a beach somewhere and never leave.