How did we do it back in the day?

Back when I was traveling around in the 80s it seemed so much easier than now. But really, the web is fantastic for research and to find out how things operate and what there is to see and do.

I’ve been researching my stay in India and have learned so much in a short space of time such as organising a local SIM, here and here or here. Not getting ripped off with rickshaws and taxis getting the best from the train system including the different classes of trains and generally not getting ripped off.

I’ve got to give a big wrap for India Mike’s site. It is a valuable resource for any first time traveler to India. The other site I’ve found great so far is The Man in Seat 61.

Remembering back, it is often the mishaps that are what is remembered – getting ripped off in Amsterdam, jumping on the wrong train and going the other way in Zandvoort, hitching a lift after the grand prix with a mad Belgium driver who makes Darrel Green look like my granny pushing a pram or getting turned back at gunpoint on the France/Spain border for not having the correct visas.

They’re the memories, not what statue was in what museum or how many beers a particular pub in Munich boasted having on tap.

There’s so much stuff out there to help travelers, I just hope the adventure hasn’t been too sanistised with information overload.